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Think Different and challenge the “Status Quo”

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Steve Jobs caricature

Steve Jobs back in the early days of Apple…

After watching this video from Steve Jobs back in 1997 when he was addressing the media about the new Apple “Think Different” advertisement it got me thinking… He was right more than 10 years ago. Nice marketing and products of quality are a combination close to perfection in technology (and probably in science too) and for a company to be successful. Like he says in this video: always “Think Different” and challenge the “Status Quo”. The best minds in history did this and entered to eternity. They were always questioning the beliefs and the things that general people thought were “correct”. Just doing a parallel or metaphor with the scientific world, i think that the great minds always thought different and challenged the “Status Quo”. This is why they entered to history, to science books and some got Nobel Prizes, etc. Another parallel is the history of the company Google. In the early days of the company, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were doing Ph.D.s trying to find a way to come up with a matematical formula or model that could be applied in searching terms in the web and also to rank the results (they were lucky to give up their Ph.D.s and found Google at that time – a company that now is threatening Microsoft and even Apple). At that time nobody though this way and some books now telling the history and what happened when they had the “Google idea” describe that some of their peers were skeptic thinking they were crazy and a search engine like that would never work. Well, Google is a giant now not just in search engine, but also in other areas such as marketing, software development among other technologies. Thus, we definitely need to move forward and fight for our ideas, specially when other people or even peers tell us we are crazy and our ideas are nonsense. Sometimes, these ideas are too far ahead of time (like 10 years or more) in the general public’s mind. This is why iconic people such as Steve Jobs are geniuses and it does not matter if they present a conference to the media wearing shorts back in the 1990’s (see the video above to believe in what i am saying…). Well, our ideas need to be good, but we have to be brave to “sell” them!