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Business Cards, Science and Personal Marketing

Friday, September 5th, 2014

The business card is a staple in most industries, it is how we show our face and who we are, but they are much less prevalent in science, particularly in the academic community. For many of us, the thought of handing out business cards congers up images of slimy douchebags at cheesy networking events. And when it comes to scientific events, everybody stares at you with a funny face. Yet, the reality is far from that fear.  The business card is a powerful professional tool that deserves serious consideration in all sectors, especially among scientists. Business cards are not just for business people. Consider the business card as a product of directed evolution in your career. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we spend a lot of time as scientists trying to figure out how to make our research stand out from the crowd, don’t have much time for networking needless to say distribute cards and make personal marketing.  We read the literature to figure out what’s been done in the past; we go to conferences to hear what others are working on and what is going on in our field; and we write grants targeting projects we think we can complete before anyone else.  It is indeed a stressful life with very few rewards and we all know it. That stuff is not easy at all. Yet, we often overlook the importance of standing out personally when meeting new colleagues, collaborators or potential employers. Luckily for us, most graduate students, postdocs and professors don’t use business cards.  Therefore, handing a card to a potential postdoctoral advisor will leave quite an impression.  In an industry like academic science where business cards are not provided to everyone upon hire, having one stands out. A card says you’re serious about your career path and take pride in doing it well. Building business cards involve two easy steps: 1) Design and 2) Production. For the first step of design, if you are in the academic sector, go to your Department and ask for one. Every institution is responsible to produce one to every scientist; even Ph.D. students and Post-Docs. If you are in the private sector, your boss needs to ask for a business card for you, so you can “show your face” when dealing with clients and/or in meetings. You can also design your own and there are plenty of websites and easy ways to do it. For example, BIZCard, Vistaprint and PrintsMadeEasy are three of the more well-known sites. Twenty bucks will get you more cards than you can give out and between frequent promotional deals on these sites, you can often get them much cheaper. I believe that scientists need and should have business cards. I have been to uncountable meetings and conferences where I would ask for somebody’s business card and the person would say “I do not have one. Do I need one?” These examples are mostly in the Academic Sector. Business cards represent your personal marketing and these days this could mean everything, even to get a new and better job. So, if you are a scientist, go ahead and make your own business card. It is about time!