About me

Hi there! My name is Fabricio F. Costa and i am a researcher and serial entrepreneur native from Brazil living in the United States trying to positively affect the lives of 7 billion+ people in the planet through Technology, Innovation and Research.

More about me:

I am the CEO and Founder of Genomic Enterprise. I have more than 20 years of experience in top academic labs and companies such as The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Harvard University, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Start Up Health Academy, Singularity University, 1871 Chicago, MATTER, Shire (acquired by Takeda), Google (Ventures, Higher Education and Start ups), Apple and others. I am also a serial entrepreneur (co-founded and founded more than 4 start ups) with a passion for leveraging technology, research and creativity to generate value for stakeholders while improving customer experience and increasing company revenues. I advocate for innovation with comprehensive knowledge of the startup lifecycle and ecosystem; MVP concept, development of IP, Technology Tansfer (TT), etc. I have extensive experience with the translational research cycle with more than 85+ published scientific articles. I have been facilitating exponential innovation through transparent and engaging leadership. I am the Head of the Apple International Training Program and the Apple Labs in South America being able to lead the development of more than 300 iOS apps for Mobile Devices, Apple Watch and Apple TV. I can offer in-depth business knowledge and the ability to identify technological and biotechnological needs and solutions in different sectors such as academia, nonprofits, startups, mid-size and large enterprises.

Using this blog I will write about science, technology, entrepreneurship and their impact in society and in my day-to-day life as a researcher and entrepreneur in Brazil and the United States. If you have questions and/or want to connect send me an e-mail at fcosta@genomicenterprise.com or fcosta@genomeconnect.com, via my twitter account at @ffalconi or via my personal LinkedIn.

Disclaimer: The opinions in all blog articles are my own.